About Us



I am a good ol’ Wyoming native having lived here my entire life and I certainly loved every minute of it. Having grown up here, I have learned to love skiing, hiking/backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, 4wheeling….. what else could a person ask for?

I attended college at the University of Wyoming (Go Pokes!) where I studied accounting. After college I moved to Casper, WY where I practiced as a CPA in a public accounting firm for 6 years. I consider myself to be a pretty cool cat, but am not ashamed to admit I’m a nerd when it comes to my profession. Debits and Credits? Yes, please.



From our Panamerican trip I have learned that I love kitties more than I already do. I have to pet every kitty and I make sure to point out every kitty to Ryan. (Good thing we’re already married). Also, I am a polite hiker.



Calvin (in Spirit)

When we began planning our trip, we were dead set on bringing our dog as well but his medical problems required us to put him to sleep before our trip. Although we miss him greatly, he will be with us in spirit! About Calvin…

Calvin (real name Callaway) was Ryan’s parent’s dog but then became Ryan’s dog after they moved to Arizona. He is a German Wirehaired Pointer who was always incredibly enthusiastic about life. We assigned him the task of bunny and squirrel patrol, to which he was perfectly suited!