1st Stop Thermopolis WY


Our first stop after leaving Casper on our grand adventure is Thermopolis, a whopping 130 miles away. Thermopolis is Ryan’s hometown where is grandma and aunt, uncle, and cousin live. For those not familiar with Thermopolis, it is located at the south end of the Big Horn Basin in northern Wyoming. It’s odd name is Latin for “hot city” due to many hot springs in and surrounding the town.

The first day in town we took a walk through Hot Springs State Park and admired the golden leaves on the trees, the warm sun on our shoulders, and the smell of sweet sulfur wafting in the air.  We walked along the boardwalk over the terraces, jumped up and down on the swinging bridge and checked out the Big Spring. It was a perfect fall day.

Supposedly Thermopolis has the worlds largest mineral hot spring. (I think it’s actually the third largest, but is still a very cool spot to go, which you all should check out. ) Thermopolis has three mineral pools that are open to the public to swim in. Two are private pools that charge to swim, but the State Bath House is free to the public so we soaked in the bath house Saturday morning. The sulfur smell lingered on our clothing for a few days, but Ryan didn’t seem to notice.




While at Ryan’s stomping grounds, our friend Jerry from Cody came to visit and explored the abandoned mining town of Gebo and shot some guns.  Later that evening, we went with Ryan’s buddy Logan and uncle Dave to the Safari Club and watched Wyoming beat Nevada. We got home entirely too late, but had a great day.

Sunday was a special day as we added another God Child to our family. Logan and Jennie’s daughter, Lena, was baptized in the Episcopal Church first thing on Sunday morning. Ryan and I brought water back from the Jordan River in Israel which we provided for her baptism.

After a good home cooked meal, we said goodbye to Grandma Jackie and Uncle Dave and Ben and headed north to Billings to visit the Ryan’s aunt, uncle, and cousins.



  1. Hi There! I’m thinking you are past Seattle now, on the Olympic Peninsula and I am praying that all is going well for you! Reading your blog once a week is going to be one of my ‘take a break from Casper and dream big’ work breaks. Enjoy this adventure!
    Pastor Brenda

    1. Thanks Pastor Brenda! We are actually just about to have dinner in the camper sitting in kettle falls wa which is north of Spokane 75 miles or so. We have been really enjoying our trip so far with lots of family and friends and should make it to Seattle on the 5th or 6th. We miss you but hope we can keep up to date on our blog and keep those breaks coming!

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