After racking up over 2,000 miles in a few weeks, it was time to take a break from driving and slow down. The greater Seattle area has been a region we were looking forward to for some time as we had a long list of things to do and a lot of fun people to visit.



Our first stop was the Fox Farm with our friends Brian and Heather after camping out in Port Townsend for a night. It was fun to see the progress they have made on their property since I visited about four years ago. Now they have dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, chickens, ducks and probably a few other animals we don’t know about. Laughlin was jealous that their new kitten, Timber, became really attached to me.

While our friends worked on Monday, we explored Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. We found a neighborhood on Bainbridge Island that gave us a great view of Seattle across Puget Sound. A few miles further, we found a beach that gave us a great view of Mt. Baker and we were shocked when we looked south and saw Mt. Rainier. Laughlin couldn’t stop laughing and smiling because the view of the mountain was so spectacular.




Later that evening, we met up with Laughlin’s college roomate, Alma, and her parents, Tomas and Monica, who treated us to a homemade meal with t-bone steaks. It was an awesome meal! We crashed at Alma’s house in Bremerton and planned to visit Seattle first thing the next morning.

We have been getting going following breakfast usually around 9:30am for the last couple weeks, but our ferry left Bremerton at 6:20am so the early wake up call was a shock to our routine. It was fascinating to watch all of the commuters sleeping on the benches. Since we left so early, we got to watch the sunrise over Seattle and got some great photos. The weather was perfect on this day, which was perfect as we explored Pike’s Place Market, drank coffee at the first Starbucks, and went up the Space Needle before making a mad dash back to the ferry which left at 11:10am.






Once back in Bremerton, we walked back to Alma’s house to load up and head to Gig Harbor to visit my college buddy, Kevin, for lunch. Once again, our visit was short due to visiting during the work week, but we enjoyed a quick lunch and tour of the area.

After lunch, we drove to Issaquah where we had dinner plans with our friends, Sheridan and Jared. We dropped the Dodge at my aunt and uncle’s house in Issaquah and they let us drive their car for the evening. It was weird for both of us driving a new car with an automatic transmission!

We had planned on taking the next day to go explore Mt. Rainier since we were both amazed by its beauty, but decided it might be nice to just sleep in and prepare for our next leg of the trip. It was a nice relaxing day but we did manage to clean up the truck and camper, fill our water tank, do laundry, and catch up on a few things online while we had internet. We had another great dinner with Doug, Mary, Maegan, and Olivia that evening.

Visiting Seattle has been another wonderful visit along our way. We are continually reminded that we are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives!

Next up, the Olympic Peninsula.

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