Laughlin really wanted to see Portland while we were in Oregon, but we had not planned on visiting while we were there. After a quick discussion, we decided we could fit it in our schedule. Thanks a lot unemployment!

After our terrible night’s sleep along the gravel road, we drove a half hour before arriving in Tillamook. We got lost in the parking lot and ran a couple “do not enter” signs, but found our way to the front door and self guided tour. Following the tour, we found ourselves alone in the sample line and were surprised security didn’t show up to tell us to move along. We picked up some squeaky cheese curds that are only available at the gift shop as well as some 4 year old extra sharp white cheddar. A nice lady we met told us about a beef jerky shop 5 miles up the road in Bay City where they sell 2 foot beef sticks for $1! If you can’t trust a nice stranger lady, who can you trust? We backtracked 5 miles to the beef jerky shop where the lady flagged us down and we headed in for samples of pepperoni and jerky. After being cut off the samples again, we bought our jerky, bid farewell to our new friend, and headed to Portland to escape the rain.

We have had good luck avoiding traffic most of the trip so far and in Portland we continued the trend. Finding a parking spot was a bit difficult as the truck tailgate is down and our propane tank adds another 15 inches or so to our overall length but we did eventually find a spot in the Pearl District near downtown. After walking past the two guys being arrested right near our truck, I spotted a Filson store which we explored but quickly figured out not even the belts were in our budget. A few blocks further and we found the Rogue Brewing and 10 Barrel Brewing so we decided a beer sounded good.

Our time in Portland was limited so we couldn’t see a whole lot but Multnoma Falls was a sight we both agreed would be fun to visit. Surprisingly, there were tons of people at the falls but it was definitely worth seeing.




Laughlin running back to the camper at our “parking spot.”


Ready for a nap but late in the afternoon, we were tired of the “try your luck” camp spots and opted for a sure bet at a Walmart south of Portland. We made some Easy Mexican Casserole, watched a movie and had the best night’s sleep in the camper so far!


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