Leaving ‘Merica

This post is slightly out of order but we wanted to update everyone that today we are crossing the border into Mexico! We are a little nervous and we feel like we are forgetting something, which we probably are, but we have everything we need to get by for a while so might as well go for it! More than likely, we could wait on the U.S. side of the border for weeks and still have a few things to take care of. Oh well.

Our plan is to cross at Tecate then stay in a campground near Rosarito which is just south of Tijuana. We have friends that live in Rosarito full time so will try to meet with them and visit for dinner and pick their brains about what to expect in Baja. From there we will head south and we intend on being in Cabo for New Year’s. Without any experience with the Wifi, we don’t know when our Mexican blog posts will start, but we will do our best.

Here we go! Cheers!


  1. We also have friends in San Quintin, Mexico, Colombia and family in Argentina. Call me or message me if you need anything.

    1. Thank you Melissa! This will come in very handy. It’s Rominas family in Argentina? And may we have the contact info for your friends in Colombia? How is Ensenada for you guys??

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