Computer Woes

Hi all! Laughlin and I thought we would do a quick blog post to update everyone as to our current status. Our computer died a couple weeks ago so we have a new computer being shipped to La Paz on January 9th. We will update our blog ASAP once we have time to upload some photos of our time in Baja. We are currently in Cabo San Lucas where we will spend New Years Eve. After that we will meander up the east coast of the peninsula to La Paz then catch our ferry to Mazatlan! Happy New Year!


  1. Sorry about your Computer. I hope you’re new one gets to you soon. So you’ve reached the southern tip of Baja California. I thought I’d take a look and she how far you’ve gone vs how far you have to go. You’ve eaten up a good stretch of highway that’s for sure. Looks like you have plenty of adventure still coming your way. Wishing you the best of luck.
    Happy New Year

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