La Paz

Our first two trips through La Paz were pretty stressful so we were a little nervous to go back. We pulled into town, picked up our laptop then headed towards the ferry terminal. Knowing where we were going helped us greatly and we were able to enjoy the sights as we passed through. As it turns out, La Paz is pretty easy to get around.

We arrived at the ferry terminal and, surprisingly, it was slow and quiet compared to our previous visit about 10 days earlier. At the Banjercitos office, we were able to get our temporary vehicle import permit, then headed through customs towards the TMC Ferries office. It was immediately clear that something big was happening that we weren’t aware of as the customs officer looked in the back of the camper and asked  a few questions then changed subjects. Apparently there was protest going on which shut down the ferry systems and, as we discovered later, most of Mexico. Most gas stations are nationalized PEMEX stations and prices increase each year on January 1. This year, prices increased nearly 25% which caused the protest. We immediately felt the impact when we filled up at the cost of nearly $50 for a half tank. Ouch! Fortunately, we planned on staying in La Paz for a few more days so we put our names on the reservations list and pointed our truck towards the beach a few miles northeast of the terminal.

Tecolote Beach appears to be a staging place for many overlanders getting ready to take the ferry to the mainland. It appeared that there were nearly 20 campers and trucks enjoying the sunshine, soft sand beaches and warm water. As we were setting up our Alaskan, another Alaskan was pulling into the same campground!







Peter, Mary Kay, and Tika(their cute dog!) set up their Alaskan and, shortly after, came to talk with us and check out ours.  It was the first Alaskan we had seen since Yosemite and Peter informed us that it may be the last one we see on our trip. After scoping out their sweet 1974 8′ cabover, we got some great information about the area and the mainland and headed back to cook dinner and a fabulous night’s sleep.


Our beach time had come to a close and we headed back to Camp Maranatha to begin our chores. We joked with our Swiss friends that most people back home probably think that our days are filled with nothing but relaxation, but as it turns out, everything takes about three times longer than at home and the chores seem to keep piling up. We emptied out our entire camper to deep clean, fix a few things, do laundry, shower, etc. and also used our computer to update our blog and upload photos for several hours. It was a great place to regroup and we were happy to have our chores taken care of before heading to the mainland.



Monday morning, we packed up camp, bid farewell to our Swiss friends and ventured into La Paz for a couple last minutes errands. We actually had time to walk through town and be tourists, finally, after driving through town probably eight times! Parking was nearly impossible on the main street by the water so we parked next to the mission, took some photos, walked along the Malecon, and ended up at a cute bakery where we had late morning cupcakes for 16 pesos each! Thats’s about .80 cents each! With just enough time before our ferry left, we rushed around to buy a solar panel and headed to the ferry terminal!



We loved this guy kayaking with his two dogs!






Adios Baja!



    1. Hi mom! We are actually going to do a blog post in the next couple of months about how we navigate. We have been unable to get our maps for Mexico loaded on the garmin, so no we haven’t used it. Our Delorme is handy but doesn’t show enough detail to navigate through the cities and the same is true for our paper maps. We have been using google maps on the cell phone and it’s worked well so far!

  1. I enjoy your pictures and stories so much. What beautiful country you are seeing. The Didge and Alaskan are serving you well. The solar panel is a great idea?

    1. Hi dad! Yes it’s been great seeing Mexico. It’s such a diverse country. The mountains around the town of zitacuaro were unbelievable! Last night just west of Toluca we had low temperatures of 38 degrees which was refreshing after being in the heat so long!

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