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This post will be dedicated to answering a question about food and water safety/health that we recently received.

The question was whether or not we have gotten sick from food or water on the trip. We try our best not to jinx ourselves by avoiding this topic all together but here we go. The quick answer is no. We have eaten out at many places in every country we visited and have not gotten sick. This includes cheap street foods that are some of our favorites. That said, when we are looking at street vendors and restaurants for a quick bite, we try to find the places that have many locals dining or waiting as they are most likely to know if the food is safe and if it is good. Our favorite street food experience was the $.25 tacos in Mexico City. We both ordered three each then ordered three more. They were amazing!

I must supplement the answer above by saying that we both have fairly strong stomachs, but when eating different foods all of the time, especially fruits and vegetables, we occasionally have some minor digestive issues. Additionally, we do the majority of our cooking in the camper so we typically eat foods that are familiar to us and in smaller portions which is more difficult to accomplish eating at restaurants for every meal. All in all, food hasn’t been much of a problem for us.

Here are a few of our favorites eats so far:



The second part of this question relates to water. As most people know, as soon as you leave the US, the water is not safe to drink from the tap. Our solution for this is drinking only purified water that can be found everywhere in five gallon “garafones” as they are called here. Most grocery stores and convenience stores sell them and take the bottle for a deposit. The only problem with this for us is that we are constantly on the move an many stores will not take a garfone that is not the type they sell in their store as a deposit. Additionally, five gallons of water at convenience stores often costs $3-4. For cheaper water, we always try to find water purification (aqua purificada) stores that purify water on site and fill our garafone for next to nothing. The most we paid at an aqua purificada was $2 and the least was $.40 in Mexico. We both have water bottles that hold about 40oz and usually will last us one day while we are out and about and five gallons usually lasts about one week. Laughlin would be thrilled for me to note that her water bottle is a Hydroflask which keeps cold drinks cold even after being in a hot truck for an entire day. I suffer with my ordinary Nalgene.

We do not use purified water in the tank in our camper. It is difficult to find places that will fill our camper tank from a hose and it is a nightmare to fill with a 5 gallon jug. Since we never drink the water from the sink in the camper, we fill our tank from nearly any water tap we can find. Typically gas stations will have water taps and many other times camp spots will have them as well. Our water tank will usually last us ten days and holds 15 gallons.

Here we spent 8 pesos ($.40) for 5 gallons of water the day we left Mexico:

This post may have been more lengthy than it needed to be but we have learned that life on the road in foreign countries is very different than in the US and requires us to learn and make changes often. If you have other questions, send us a message through the “Contact Us” tab at the top and we will do our best to answer them.

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  1. Thanks for the food and water questions. All of your food pictures look great but I am not quite
    sure about the bug that Laughlin is eating??

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