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Hi everyone! We are looking for some feedback from you to find out what would make our blog better and more relevant. Please fill out the following poll for us if you get a chance. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Pat! The blog was working well for us but we like to have the opinions of our readers. As you well know, it’s pretty important to know what your readers think!

  1. Your blog is great and shows the real local culture and the perils of travel. I like your type of travel where you interact with the locals outside of the tourist zones. I read several travel blogs and they seem to me to be more about glitzy pictures, videos (Professional Video, Photography and makeup artist) and products they can sell not real travel. I have meet the below bloggers.
    You have a book in your future on how to navigate the border crossing, money exchanges, etc…

    1. Thanks Vita! It is interesting when we run into fellow travelers who have the glitzy photos and fancy websites but we have to remind ourselves that we are not professional bloggers or photographers. Our goal is to thoroughly travel the Pan American Highway and share those experiences with our blog. We have to remember that our goals are in that order too! We appreciate the feedback.

    1. Thanks Nel! We will continue to share our experiences as long as we have interesting information to share. I assure you that we have plenty of interesting things to share after this blog post! Thanks for following along!

  2. You are doing a fantastic job. Frequent posts with lots of great pics and a story the paints a vivid picture of the highs and lows of your adventure. Keep on keeping on. 🙂

  3. Dear Laughlin and Ryan, I can’t find anything to do better. I am really enjoying traveling with you. You fill the blog with humor, adventure, and beauty.

  4. Really enjoy your good writing/photography. When I finish reading one post, can’t wait for you to send the next. You have a very nice blend of writing about history of the area explored and your personal impressions. Photos are superb too. Keep doing what you are doing-THANKYOU.

    1. Thanks Dad! We appreciate the unbiased feedback!!! Glad you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them!

    1. Thanks Dale! Our format seems to have worked well this far. We will continue to write as normal but will try new things every now and then too!

  5. I really enjoy reading of your adventure–keep up the good work! Are you selling your truck when you finish up South America? And fly home?

    1. Thanks Jim! We aren’t sure what we will do yet. The Pan American Highway ends at Ushuaia and most people that end their trip there skip Brazil entirely. We hope to see a good deal of Brazil and we will figure out in a year or so!

  6. Ran across this blog while researching Alaskan Campers yesterday.

    I’ve only gotten this far in reading so far, but am enjoying it immensely.

    I’m interested in the camper (compared to others’), truck (I work for FCA) and safety/security on your trip.

    Our longest overland trek (Dodge minivan, tents and 4 kids) was Ann Arbor to San Francisco to Bellingham to Alaska and back home via Trans-Canada, which now pales in comparison!

    Safe travels.

    1. Thanks for the feedback David.

      We really enjoy the Alaskan for this type of trip. Ideally, we camp in nature, but very often we camp in cities so security while parked and while we are sleeping is extremely important. When the top is lowered, the windows are completely secured so that nobody could break the window to enter. The back door window is too small for anyone to squeeze through so it really is very secure. Additionally, we have installed a safe for keeping passports, computer, ect. safe while we are out and about. When the top is raised, the windows are so high that it would be very difficult for someone to break into the camper. We have camped in many very large cities and feel much safer than we would feel in a van or rooftop tent.

      Probably the most important aspect of the roof raising and lowering is that we can get around very easily and are rarely higher than any height limiting gates. Height limitations are very common in Latin America (for what reason we have no idea) so it is one less thing to worry about. Also, we fit in a shipping container which is much more secure than RORO shipping and costs a lot less too. Our Alaskan is 84″ wide, but the newer Alaskans (don’t know what year) are 88″ wide so the fit is much tighter with the newer campers.

      The Dodge has been great for us. Its short wheelbase makes navigating very easy and the Cummins provides plenty of power even at altitudes of 15,000 feet which is very common in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. We have almost 250k on the engine and have had a few repairs along the way but that must be expected from an older truck.

      If you need more inspiration for Alaskans or other campers, I suggest you head to Wander the West as there are many forums with great information.

      Happy Trails!

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