No Boys Allowed

A Little disclaimer- a bit much for those who don’t want TMI about the female body.

Okay ladies I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about pooping, periods, and birth control on the road. Or, at least I was and I couldn’t find much about it. So I’m going to help blaze the way for Women Adventurers out there one toilet at a time!

First, lets talk about toilets. For our camper, we decided to get the Thetford Port-a-Potty. (We call it the ‘Threat-ford’). It’s a little toilet cassette that can be taken apart and the contents can be dumped right into a flushing toilet. It’s pretty handy to have especially because we aren’t always around good toilets. Also, if it’s creepy or cold outside we can stay inside the safe, dry camper. We used to do #1 and #2, but, when it was really hot outside, it just smelled so bad! We have recently been doing numero uno and finding a public bathroom for numero dos. It has worked out a lot better.


The two best products we use to keep the odor down and to help break everything up in our cassette toilet:


Ironically, after this picture was taken, the entire bottle spilled inside of our camper. Perfect. But on the bright side our whole camper smelled pooh pourie.


This brings me to public toilets. Public toilets can be hit or miss, but a lot of the time we see toilets without a seat. I don’t understand why. I have speculated that without a seat its easier to clean or maybe they have a toilet seat stealing problem, but probably 80% of every toilet we see do not have seats. We have become really good at aiming and squatting. When we are free camping or wild camping we see mostly pit toilets (hole in the ground) or port potties. Some pit toilets have a bucket of ash next to it to keep the smell down. When using public flushing toilets just remember to put your toilet paper in the trash can or you can seriously damage their sewer pipes. Luckily the toilet paper has a fresh scent.



I could post many more nasty toilet pictures, but I’ll spare you the horror until a later date!

Next, periods. Ugh, am I right? Cramping and bleeding while driving on poorly maintained roads is probably the best combo…Not. Luckily, there are pharmacies and really nice super markets everywhere to buy Ibuprofen or other pain pills as well as pads and tampons. We have seen a lot of super markets that are exactly like Walmart. They have a full cosmetic and health care section to take care of any “time of the month” needs. This is going to sound so terrible of me, but I had no idea what to expect. I had it in my mind that there would be cloth diaper things that I would have to maneuver with my underwear to create a bandaid for my flow. How silly of me though!


Finally, birth control. Ryan and I are traveling in the Zika capitals of the world and we are on our honeymoon, so preventing pregnancy in this part of the world is very important for us. I initially planned to use birth control pills, but I did not want to have to look for different pill packs every month and be Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. We are already living in tight quarters, I don’t think my husband could handle it. I decided to go with the IUD. Boy, it has been the best thing ever, it’s nice to know that Ryan and I are protected and it has reduced my period. Definitely a win-win situation.

If there are any other questions Women Adventurers have feel free to ask and I will try my best to find the answer! These are the things that we don’t think about day to day, but when we face them on the road they turn into pretty big matters!


  1. Thanks for writing this, Laughlin. This is something I have wondered about in my own adventures so it is great to get some more information about these things for this part of the world.
    Also another great product for women adventurers: the diva cup. Reusable so you don’t have to worry about buying tampons or pads and the most comfortable and convenient products I have tried.
    Happy travels!

    1. Haley!
      Thank you so much for reading this. This little blog has been my (Laughlin) baby for a while. So I’m glad that you liked it. You know what’s so interesting is that you are the second person to suggest that. I honestly had never heard of it before. 😬 Thank you for the advice I will definitely look into using it.
      Happy travels to you too!

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