Staying Sexy on the Road

After the wedding, Ryan and I gained a lot of weight. The main culprit was that we were eating out for every meal for almost two months and we stopped working out after the wedding. Oops!




Once we started our trip in the US, we were eating full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and driving 7-9 hours a day. So, the mixture of eating a lot and getting zero exercise took its toll on ou bodies.

Once we crossed into baja it took time for us get our meal routines down. For lunch we would eat sandwiches but split them. We realized half a sandwich was actually enough food. We also started eating almonds and nuts for snacks so then we would eat less at meals. Before we left, we used to buy 1lb of ground beef to make tacos and we would eat all of it at one sitting. Now we can make it last two to three days! We have discovered it is all about portion control. Except for beer. We haven’t figured out portion control for that! Haha!

When it’s hot outside, we would do meals where we wouldn’t have to turn on the stove. We got pretty creative. We did a lot of salads with a ton of veggies, ranch, and hot sauce. Veggie wraps with refried beans, beets, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, cucumber, and carrots. Quick, easy, and not hot. One of our favorite breakfast meals is avocado toast with yogurt and granola. Filling and easy.


Now onto exercise. My parents got us a jump rope for Christmas. A jump rope really is a perfect way to stay in shape on the road because it takes up hardly any room. Instead of walking or running down alleys and streets, the safety of the camper is right there.

Ryan drinking a Cuba Libre instead of exercising. Tisk, tisk!


Another great exercising tip that we do when we get to a new town is parking the truck and walking everywhere to see the town, find a grocery store, water store, etc. It’s good for the body and we can see the town at the same time.

Hiking is another of our favorite ways to exercise. Before the trip, we liked hiking, but with wedding planning and trip planning, we lost focus of our love for hiking. It is nice to do that again.

Ryan loves his body so much now that he has started hiking more!


Hiking with Karl back in Nicaragua…


My last staying healthy habit is exercising in the camper. Utilize the space that you’re in and make it work for you. While brushing my teeth, I do calf raises. In the morning Ryan gets up before me, so when I have the bed to myself, I do leg lifts for the inner and outer thigh.


It’s not too much exercise, but I can tell we both have slimmed down in a healthy way. I have hips again and Ryan’s wedding pants are baggy! These svelte bodies of ours didn’t happen right away. It has taken us almost 9 months, but slow and steady wins the race!

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