Trial Run to the Beartooth Mountains

After several months of preparing the house to sell, moving, working on the truck, preparing for a wedding and still working our jobs, we decided we needed to take a break and go to the mountains! As mentioned in our About Us page, I am from Wyoming and Laughlin is from Arizona so we have been doing our best to see the best parts of Wyoming and one of my favorite places is the Beartooth Range in northwestern Wyoming just east of Yellowstone. It was a quick trip as we left on a Saturday afternoon and came back Monday racking up about 700 miles round trip but we both really enjoyed the break. Here was our general route from Cody, WY:


And of course a few photos:

View of Sunlight Basin from Dead Indian Pass


Our camp spot at Fantan Lake
Fantan Lake




Sawtooth Mountains – Named for obvious reasons
Sawtooth Lake

On a side note, we brought along some Huckleberry Milk Can Moonshine from Backward Distilling Company in Mills, WY and it was too good not to mention!

All in all we really enjoyed the trip and getting out to the mountains. We drove over Beartooth Pass on Monday and into Red Lodge but it felt weird being back in civilization after a few days of having the mountains to ourselves. I think we will spend a lot of time in the mountains along the Pan Am.


  1. Hi Ryan: I went all the way back to the beginning of your blog to understand what/how you refurbed your Alaskan. It looks like you have added some type of “framing” under the Alaskan that sits sandwiched between the truck bed and bottom camper floor which ultimately raises the camper a couple inches above the truck bed rail……any reason for this ? Maybe to drain water in the bed more effectively ? Have you found the camper “slides” around in the truck bed any …..resulting in a constant check on the tie downs ? I have my Alaskan on order scheduled for production in April/May 2018 from the factory in Washington state and have been considering adding a rubber mat to the bed of my truck that the camper will sit on. Again…an awesome trip and thanks much for allowing us to share the ride with you.

    1. Lloyd – We did build up a little platform under the Alaskan as the sides would actually touch the bedrails without it. I am not an expert on it but from what I can tell, sometime in the 80s or 90s, the dimensions of a standard truck bed changed resulting in higher bed rails. The platform is to compensate for this change and also provides support for the portion of the camper that extends beyond the bed. As for sliding around in the bed, the camper does move around a little. It is a tight fit between the wheel wells so there is very little side to side movement. When we go up a very steep hill, the camper will try to slide out, but the tie downs hold it in place just fine. You may look into some “real” tie downs for your new camper, but we just use regular truck tie downs and they seem to work just fine. We intitially started with chains and turnbuckles but they kept coming loose and were difficult to reach. Since installing the tie downs, I haven’t touched them. A rubber mat may help keep the camper in place. Anyhow, hope that helps!

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