Cooking with Laughlin – Post 6

We kept hearing rumors of ostrich farms in Brazil and that you could buy their eggs and eat them. We got very excited and had to see for ourselves.


1 ostrich egg
1-2 tomatoes cut
1 onion diced
2 cups meat (bacon, salami, ect.)
1 C. cheese per omelet.

In order to break the egg we had to hit it repeatedly on a hard surface then we used a knife to finsh opening it. That shell was thick!


Then, in a very large bowl whisk the egg with some milk or water. Since we didn’t have a bowl big enough we used our cooking pot.

Our initial plan was to make a giant omelet, but the egg was equivalent to like 12 chicken eggs and we definitely didn’t have a pan big enough to accommodate so much egg mass. Yolk units.


We made two omelets.

First, pour the egg into the pan and let cook for about 10 minutes or until the top of the omelet is mostly solidified. Then flip with two spatulas. Cook for 1 minute. Put all your fixins on one side and flip half of the omelet over and serve!


The omelet tasted like a regular omelet. There was just so much yolk units that it was hard to eat it all and the though of an ostrich kept running through my mind ( get it cause they don’t fly) and i outdent eat anymore. We were both very full! Next time on cooking with laughlin Frog legs!


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