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Tapioca Breakfast

I know what ypou’re thinking- tapioca like that gross pudding that reminds me of fish eggs in jelly for breakfast? Gross!

Oh contraire mon frere.

Tapioca is actually a type of flour made from the manioc or yucca plant. It is very similar to potatoes. In Brazil and a lot of other South American countries, the flour from manioc is used to make tapioca or other types of flours for cooking.

In Brazil a typical breakfast or snack is tapioca.

3-4 spoonfuls tapioca
1 slice of ham
1 slice of cheese
sprinkle of oregano


View out our window:


In order to make it, you must first sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls onto a pan and heat it for 3 minutes. While it’s heating, a weird chemical-mechanical action takes place making all the powder merge together as a solid. It still looks like it is powder, but it can’t be pulled apart easily. Once it’s solid, you flip the “pancake” and place cheese and meat onto it, let it melt and viola its done!


Some other options can be a pizza tapioca, or egg and cheese tapioca. For a sweet tooth- nutella and bananas are a great combo. There are a lot of options and it is very easy and healthy. The tapioca itself has no taste, but since it is neutral, it will go with anything.


Included on this plate is another classic Brazil snack called Pao do quiejo, or bread cheese. It is so good we are definitely going to miss those bad boys.

Honestly thoughI am not sure if it any of this is sold in the USA, so you’ll have to take our word for it on this one. 😉

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